Spring 2016

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Introducing C.A.T.S. New website

October 23, 2011

CATS logoC.A.T.S. - Colorado Automotive Teachers Society - consists of members from schools in the Colorado region specializing in teaching students about the transportation industry.

Our programs include: Automotive, Service management, Collision and Diesel


First Heading or Title

October 16, 2011

Website design starts

demoCATS members asked to submit school graphic, info and link.

Spring 2016 Conference

C.A.T.S. Spring 2016 meeting

Friday March 11, 2016
There wiill be a Thursday evening "Unconference"

The Spring 2016 conference will be hosted by:

Front Range Community College (FRCC)
4616 S. Shields Street
Fort Collins, CO 80526


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For more information, contact Todd Hetherington

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Training Classes

OBD and Monitors                        Randy Bernklau
Hunter Hawkeye Aligner              Trevon Stoltzfus
ABS and traction control               Tim Dwyer            
Teaching GDI                                 Randy Haubner